Lami Tubes Vs Aluminium tube

This article contains information/Difference between Lami Tubes Vs Aluminium tube

Lami Tubes Vs Aluminium tube

Difference Between Lami Tubes and Aluminium tube used in pharmaceutical industry.

Laminated squeeze tubes provide a tube material that combines the benefits of plastic with barrier properties similar to those of metal. Laminated tubes possess a pleasing tactile quality and retain their appeal over the entire lifespan of their contents.

Initially, laminated tubes were predominantly employed for packaging high-volume items such as toothpaste, but they are now utilized for a wide array of products, including denture adhesives, artists’ paints, hair-care products, and pharmaceuticals. A subcategory of laminate is Polyfoil.

As previously stated, the primary advantage of utilizing Laminated Tubes is their ability to amalgamate the favorable aspects of both plastic and metal. These tubes exhibit plastic-like characteristics in terms of their material, while also boasting the robust barrier properties akin to alumina.

The latter quality serves as a protective shield against exposure to air, intense light, and moisture, all of which could potentially render the product ineffective. Laminated tubes also serve as an effective defense against dust particles and wind, further safeguarding the quality of the gel or ointment contained within.

Another significant benefit of these tubes is their tamper-proof nature and their pleasant tactile sensation. This tactile appeal remains consistent throughout the product’s shelf life. The majority of pharmaceutical companies prefer laminated tubes due to their lightweight nature, hygienic properties, and absence of toxins. The added advantage of cost-effective manufacturing also makes laminated tube suppliers highly sought after by customers.

The expense reduces to around 20-25% when switching to Lami Tubes. Additionally, the ongoing costs related to transportation and product rejections also experience a decline with the use of Lami Tubes.


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