Sop for anaerobic culture jar.

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) Sop for operation and cleaning of anaerobic culture jar.

Sop for operation and cleaning of anaerobic culture jar.

I. Purpose & Scope:

  • The purpose of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for Operation and cleaning of anaerobic culture jar.
  • This Standard operating procedure shall be applicable for Operation and cleaning of anaerobic culture jar in the Microbiology section of Quality Control Department

II. Responsibilities:

  • All Quality control personnel’s shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP.

III : Introduction and Procedural Part :

Introduction : 

  • The Anaerobic Jar is used to create an oxygen-free environment for the growth of anaerobic microorganism.
  • The plates or tubes to be incubated in anaerobic condition should be kept inside the anaerobic jar. Anaerobic condition is created by anaerobic gas pack which is to be placed in jar just before sealing the jar. If using ‘Hi-media AnaeroGas Pack’ then addition of water in gas pack is not required.
  • The gas pack contains Sodium borohydride and Sodium bicarbonate. Water reacts with these chemicals and produces hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide.
  • The hydrogen gas combines with free oxygen in the chamber to produce water in the form of droplets, removing all free oxygen from the chamber and creating a completely anaerobic environment.

Operation :

  • Anaerobic culture jar is made up of transparent unbreakable polycarbonate jar and aluminum lid.
  • It consists of metal beam clamp and nitrite rubber sealing O-ring.
  • Also has stainless steel ‘plate / tube carrier’ with clips.
  • Keep the material to be incubated in anaerobic jar.
  • Cut open ‘Anaero indicator tablet sachet’ and remove one tablet, keep intact its transparent cover. Insert it into upper clip of the plate carrier immediately. On removal of tablet from sachet pack, original pink colour may change to purplish blue (because of absorption of oxygen). Under anaerobic condition this colour will change to pink.
  • The anaerobic indicator tablet remaining pink in the jar, indicates anaerobic environment inside the jar. Any kind of leakage leads to aerobic condition and tablet colour turns to purplish blue.
  • Cut off ‘AnaeroGas pack’ as indicated by cut mark, remove paper sachet from foil bag. Do not open the paper sachet and immediately place it in lower clip of plate carrier. Immediately close the jar by lid. Oxygen absorption and Carbon dioxide generation starts immediately on contact with air.
  • Place the lid on the base, by making sure that the ‘O-ring is fitted correctly in its place. Apply the beam clamp. Screw down the knurled wheel until it tight.
  • After fitting the lid by clamp, Incubate the Anaerobic jar at desired temperature. Do not open the jar, till the incubation completed.
  • For opening the jar, unscrew the knurled wheel, remove clamp and carefully pull open the lid of jar.

Cleaning :

  • For cleaning, open the anaerobic culture jar and remove the plate carrier.
  • Clean the jar, plate carrier, lid and clamp by lint free cloth with 70% IPA.
  • Clean the Anaerobic culture jar after each use.

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