Sop for Antibiotic Zone Reader

Antibiotic zone reader
Antibiotic zone reader

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) Sop for Operation and cleaning of Antibiotic Zone Reader.

Sop for operation and cleaning of Antibiotic Zone Reader

I. Purpose & Scope:

  • The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for Operation and cleaning of Antibiotic Zone Reader.     
  • This Standard operating procedure shall be applicable for Operation and cleaning of Antibiotic Zone Reader in the Microbiology section of Quality Control Department

II. Responsibilities:

• All Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel’s shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP.

III : Introduction and Procedural Part :


  • Clean the instrument with clean dry cloth every day.
  • Occasionally clean by wet cloth dipped in dilute soap solution but after that clean the instrument immediately with dry cloth to remove the moisture.


  • Connect the three pin plug to mains electric supply.
  • Switch on the mains switch.
  • The rough side in the mirror reflects the light side position.
  • Turn the left side drum to its maximum clockwise position, so that zero marking on the scale of the right sides coincides with zero marking on the vernier scale.
  • Keep the petri–dish on the top belt and rotate it manually, so that one ends of the zero touch the mark.
  • Now turn the left side drum slowly, in anticlockwise position, till the other end of the zone image touches the mark line on prism.
  • Note the reading directly on the right side drum scale. The scale mark from 0 to 35 mm with each division of 0.2mm and the vernier scale is mark with division of 0.02mm.
  • Once the reading of zones is over put off the instrument by pressing red color ON / OFF button.
  • Switch “OFF” the main supply and disconnect the three-pin plug from mains supply.


  • The zone reader is a delicate instrument, only experienced staff shall handle it.
  • The cleaning of the zone reader shall be done by Microbiologist.
  • The instrument shall be properly cleaned before and after every use.    

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