Sop for heating block

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) Sop for operation and calibration of heating block

Sop for operation and calibration of heating block

Objective and Scope :

The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for operation and calibration of Heating Block in Microbiology section.

This Standard operating procedure is applicable for operation and calibration of Heating block in Microbiology section of Quality Control Department

Responsibility :

All Quality control personnel’s shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP.

Introduction and Procedural Part :

Operation : 

  • Connect the unit to 230V AC supply to the power connection properly and switch ON the mains.
  • Open the lock of control panel situated on front side of equipment with the help of key.
  • Switch ON the red switch situated at the control panel, which is indicated by glowing of red lamp.
  • The Digital controller display will illuminate and shall indicate the ambient temperature as the PV (Process value) in the upper display. The Lower display indicates previous set point/set value (SV).
  • By pressing       key select one option that is SET 1 and set the temperature to 37°C.
  • Once Key is pressed and if Upper display shows SET 1, then simultaneously press incrementing     Key and increase the temperature for e.g. 37°C and Release the Button.
  • Now heater will start, after attaining the set temperature, heater gets automatically ‘OFF’.
  • The Set temperature can be varied to any point within the full range of (Ambient +5°C) to 95°C by incrementing or decrementing the and
  • In the process heating block temperature can overshoot up to ±0.5°C.
  • Depending on the temperature the Heater Capacity can be set by the rotary knob given on the control panel. The numbers 37….75 appearing on the dial are for general guidance only.
  • Kindly don’t operate the heater capacity selector switch if the required temperature is achieved in proper manner.
  • After each use, make entry in Annexure I.

Cleaning : 

  • Clean the outer surface of the Heating block with lint free cloth soaked in mild soap solution, followed by wiping with dry lint free cloth.
  • Clean the wells by lint free swab. Clean the Heating block and wells after each activity.

Calibration : 

  • Perform the calibration of heating block by Outside party.
  • Determine the heat distribution studies at 37°C by analyzing temperature profile data.
  • Frequency: Once in Year.

IV) Annexure :

Annexure I: Heating Block usage Record




Instrument I.D. :________________


Date of Usage Used for

Usage time

Cleaning Status Done By Checked By
From To



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