SOP for preparation of membrane filter Assembly

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) SOP for preparation of membrane filter Assembly

SOP for Preparation of membrane filter Assembly

I. Purpose & Scope:

  • The Purpose of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for preparation of membrane filter Assembly.
  • This procedure is applicable Engineering Department personnel for Sop for preparation of membrane filter Assembly.

II. Responsibilities:

  • All production personnel shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP.

III . Introduction and Procedural Part :


  • In the unit preparation room disassemble the membrane filter (142 mm) assembly and thoroughly clean with Water for Injection by scrubbing with nylon brush.
  • Wash all parts thoroughly with water for injection.

Assembling of Filter Holder (142 mm):

  • Place the support ring over slot in the base plate meant for it.
  • Place membrane support mesh plate over support ring in the place meant for it.
  • Place the membrane filter over the support mesh plate.
  • Wet the surface of the membrane support mesh & filter membrane with water for injection.
  • Remove the folding in the membrane by lifting the membrane and gradually placing it over the membrane support mesh in a manner so that no folding is formed.
  • Place the pre-filter (142 mm) over the membrane filter (142 mm) and wet it with water for Injection.
  • Place the top plate over the prefilter properly, tighten the bolts.

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