SOP on Fogging Machine

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) SOP on Fogging Machine

SOP on Fogging Machine

I. Purpose & Scope:

  • The Purpose of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for operation and maintenance of Fogging Machine.
  • This procedure is applicable production Department personnel for operation and maintenance of Fogging machine

II. Responsibilities:

• All production personnel’s shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP on fogging machine.

III . Introduction and Procedural Part :


  • Prepare the Virosil Solution 20% (200 ml Virosil + 800 ml WFI). Record the preparation details in Annexure-II.
  • Carry out fogging in each area.
  • Fill the tank of fogger with the prepared solution.
  • Sequence of fogging: Filling and Sealing room, sampling & dispensing, blending, cool zone, sterile passage and airlocks.
  • Plug the machine into an appropriate power source as specified on the machine identification label. If an extension cord is being use, assure that it is of the proper rating.
  • Keep fogger machine on the floor.
  • Keep machine near the door so after fogging you can easily switch OFF machine.
  • Adjust metering valve (Small round knob on tank) on low compulsory so it will give minimum micron particle for better fog and penetration.
  • Adjust machine diagonally opposite to another corner with approximate 450 tilt towards sky.
  • Make path clear for fog to float in air for longer period.
  • Switch ON the main switch of the fogger and keep the fogger in the area.
  • To interrupt spraying turn power switch to OFF position but do not close the metering valve. When spraying is finished, close metering valve before turning the switch to the OFF position. This shall clear out lines and prevent chemicals from dripping from the nozzle.
  • Put off machine after completion of time.


  • Empty the machine tank and use balance solution for mopping. Add some plane water in tank and run machine for 2 min. after every use.
  • After every use remove and clean the air intake filter on the rear of blower housing using a hot water/ detergent solution.
  • Allow the filter to dry completely before attempting to operate the machine.
  • Periodically clean fogger tank using hot water/detergent solution. Fully open the machine valve and operate the machine for 3 to 5 minutes, flushing the solution through the valve, lines, and nozzle.
  • Do not run machine continuously total 1 hour in a day; keep 4 to 6 hours interval in between two running.

Annexure –I

Fogging Machine Usage Record

                                                                                           Page 1 of 1

Date Virosil Solution 20% Areas Covered Time Done


Checked By
From To


Annexure –II

Fogging solution preparation Record

                                                                                           Page 1 of 1

Date Name of Solution


Quantity of Solution Quantity of WFI Total Quantity Prepared Time Done


Checked By
From To

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