Specification of Clear Mould glass vials (20 ml)

This article describes the Packing material specification of Clear Mould glass vials (20 ml). Which is used pack the Dry powder for injection Powder.

 Specification for Clear Mould glass vials (20 ml).

I. Product Information for Clear Mould glass vials (20 ml) :

Art Work Number : NA
Supplier / Manufacturer : As per approved vendor list
Sampling Procedure: Sampling to be performed as per current version of SOP
Sample Quantity : 10 Vials
Item Code : As per SOP number
Testing procedure: Testing to be performed as per respective STP
Storage Condition: Controlled Room temperature
Sampling and Handling Precautions

 (If Any):

Use personal protective equipment’s while handling the material.

II. Specification for Clear Mould glass vials (20 ml) :

Sr. No. Test Specification Reference
1. Description  * Clear glass vials no any foreign matter inside the         glass vials. IH


Physical Dimension
A. Total Height 57.50 mm ± 0.5 mm



B. Outside Diameter of body 32.00 mm ± 0.40 mm
C. Thickness of Bottom 3.00 mm ± 1.20 mm
D. Weight of Glass vials 28.0 gm ± 2 gm
          E. Overflow capacity 27.00 ml ± 1.5 mL
3. Chemical Test
A. Hydrolytic resistance The result of titration is not greater than the 8.1 ml IP
B. Arsenic * The absorbance of the test solution does not exceed the absorbance obtained by 0.1 ml of arsenic standard 10 ppm.

Remark: * Test to be carried out for Retesting of Packing Material.

III: Revision History for Clear Mould glass vials (20 ml):

Version No. Reason for Revision Change Control No. Effective Date

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