Specification of Shrink Roll

This article describes the Specification of Shrink Roll (230 mm)

Specification of Shrink Roll (230 mm)

I. Product Information : 

Supplier / Manufacturer : As per approved vendor list
Sampling Procedure: Sampling to be performed as per current version of SOP
 sample Quantity : 1 Meter
Testing procedure: Testing to be performed as per Respective STP
Item code As per SOP
Storage Condition: Controlled Room temperature
Sampling and Handling Precautions

 (If Any):

Use personal protective equipments while handling the material.


II. Specification of shrink Roll (230 mm)

Sr. No. Test Specification Reference
1. Description PVC shrink sleeve receive in properly wrapped with polythene bag and final packing in corrugated box. Free from pit marks. Free from stains and foreign matters IH
2. Identification Test for PVC Observe flame colour- It should be Blue, Yellow tip & smell should be fruity./pungent. PVC will melt & chars but No dripping IH
3. Width 230  mm + 5 mm IH
4. Fitting on containers Fit properly on the container IH
5. Shrinkable properties PVC shrink sleeve should shrink longitudinal & transverse directions IH
6. Direct grammage Not less than 15 gsm IH


Remark: * Test to be carried out for Retesting of Packing Material.


III. Revision History:

     Version No.  Reason for Revision Change control No  Effective Date


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