Top 250 Pharmaceutical Abbreviations


It Contains Top 250 Pharmaceutical Abbreviations in English and this content is updating continuously on Weekly Basis

What is mean by Abbreviations?

Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or phrases. Abbreviations are created by taking the initial letters or syllables of each word and putting them together. Abbreviations are commonly used to save time and space in written or spoken communication.

Some examples are : “BMR” is an abbreviation for ‘Batch Manufacturing Record’, “ASAP” is an abbreviation for ‘As Soon As Possible.’


Why it is called as Pharmaceutical Abbreviations.

As these abbreviations are used in the pharmaceutical industry so it is called as pharmaceutical abbreviations.

Pharmaceutical abbreviations are widely used in various platforms like in Journals, Guidelines, Pharmaceutical books.

Wherever Pharmaceutical abbreviations are using, it is good to provide full form of it to better understanding.

Most of the cases, where pharmaceutical abbreviations are using, Authors are providing its full form.

Some of the students are very offended to understand the pharmaceutical abbreviations while reading the articles where full forms are not available so it is decided to gather the pharmaceutical abbreviations and update it by weekly basis as below.


Pharmaceutical abbreviations and it’s full forms commonly used in pharmaceutical industry :

BMR : Batch Manufacturing Record.

BPR : Batch Packing Record

MBMR : Master Batch Manufacturing Record

MBR: Master Batch Record

MBPR : Master Batch Packing Record

FBE : Fluidised Bed Equipment

FBD : Fluidised Bed Dryer

FBP : Fluidised Bed Processor

RMG : Rapid Mixer Granulator

HSMG : High Speed Mixer Granulator

HSMG : High Shear Mixer Granulator

PLM : Planetary Mixer

BD : Bulk Density

TD : Tapped Density

DD : Deduster

MD : Metal Detector

LOD : Loss on Drying

MC : Moisture Content

WC : Water Content

W/W : Weight by Weight

W/V : Weight by Volume

M.T. : Measuring Tape

V: Visually

S.C. : Supplier Certificates

MOC : Material of Construction

RPM : Round per Minute

TI sheet : Technical Information Sheet

ATR : Analytical Test Report

PTS : Powder Transfer System

SFM : Solid Flow Monitor

CFM : Cubic Feet Meter

MCC : Microcrystalline Cellulose

COA : Certificate  of Analysis

SDL : Solid Drug Layering

QASV : Quick Action Stop Valve

SEC : Second

ID : Inner Diameter

TIR : Total Indicating Reading

HPLC : High Performance Liquid chromatography

GC : Gas Chromatography

TLC : Thin Layer Chromatography

TSM : Tablet Specification Manual

IPT : Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology

IP : Indian Pharmacopeia

BP : British Pharmacopeia

EP : European Pharmacopeia

USP : United State Pharmacopeia

JP : Japanese Pharmacopoeia

R&D : Research and Development

EU : Europe

CFG : Centrifugal Granulator

HPMC : Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose

IPA : ISO Propyl Alcohol

NAS : North America Steel

ASTM : American Society for Testing and materials

AISI : American iron and steel institute

eg : Example

D : Diameter

MM : Millimeter

DP Machine : Dedusting and Polishing Machine

Tab/hr : Tablet per Hour

Tab/Min : Tablet per Minute

Cap/Hr : Capsule per Hour

Cap/Min : Capsule Per minute

TSE : Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy

BSE : Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

TOC : Total Organic carbon

PPM : Parts per Million

PPB: Parts Per Billion

M/S : Meter per second

ACPH : Air Changes Per Hour

AHU : Air Handling Unit

RH: Relative Humidity

Temp : Temperature

MAR : Maximum Acceptable Residue

Tab : Tablet

Cap : Capsule

DMF : Drug Master File

URS : User Requirement Specification

CC : Change Control

DQ : Design Qualification

IQ : Installation Qualifications

OQ : Operation Qualifucation

PQ: Performance Qualifications

FAT : Factory Acceptance Test

SAT : Site Acceptance Test

PO : Purchase Order

CER : Capital Expenditure Requestion

SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

GMP : Good manufacturing Practices

cGMP : Current Good Manufacturing Practices

CU : Content Uniformity

BU : Blend Uniformity

QA: Quality Assurance

QC : Quality Control

LCMS : Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy

GCMS : Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy

EHS : Environment Health and Safety

PMS : Performance Management System

KPI : Key performance Indicator

KRA : Key Result Area

ITR : Inventory Turnover Ration

MTTR : Mean Time to Repair

MTBF : Mean Time Between Failure

ROP : Reorder Point

ROQ : Reorder Quantity

ROL : Reorder Level

BSO : Bright side Out

DSO : Dull Side Out

VMCH : vinyl acetate- Maleic Acid -Vinyl Chloride Copolymer

HSL : Heat Seal Lacquer

OCR : Optical Character Recognition

OCV : Optical Character Visvulisation

ROW : Rest of the world Countries

LSC : Light shade card

SSC : Standard shade Card

BSC : Bright Shade Card

ACTD : ASEAN Common Technical Dossier

CTD : Common Technical Document

CDR : Coral Drawing

UV : Ultraviolet

IR : Infrared

SPME: Solid Phase Micro Extraction

FID : Flame Ionization Detector

TCD : Thermal Conductivity Detector

NPD : Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector

ECD : Electron Capture Detector

FPD : Flame Photometric Detector

PID : Photoionization Detector

PUF : Polyurethane Foam

PIR : Polyisocyanurate

GI : Galvanized Iron

PCGI : Powder Coated Galvanized Iron

PPGI : Prepainted Galvanized Iron

SS : Stainless steel

GRP ; Glass Reinforced Polymer

Np : National Process

DCP : Decentralized process

MRP : Mutual Recognition Process

CP : Centralized Process

FDA : Food and Drug Administrations

ASEAN : Association of southeast Asian Nations

CIS : Common wealth of Independent States

LATUM: Latin America

SAARC : South Asian Association for regional cooperation

MENA : Middle East and North Africa countries

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air.

MOH : Ministry Of Health

TC Clamp : Triclover Clamp

SCBD : Soyabean Casein Digest Agar

BOD : Biological Oxygen Demand

DENA : Deoxycholate Citrate Agar

FFS : Form Fill Seal

CIP : Cleaning In Place

SIP : Sterilization in Place

MLT : Microbial Limit Test

BPT : Bubble Point Test

DT : Diffusion Testing

MDI : Metered Dose Inhaler

DPI : Dry Powder Inhaler

NMT : Not More Than

NLT : Not Less Than

ED : Emitted Dose

EIR : Establishment Inspection Report

NAI : No Action Indicator

OAI : Official Action Indicator

VAI : Voluntary Action Indicator

CFR : Code of federal Regulations

LOA: Letter of Authorization

MFG: Manufacturing

PKG : Packing

MAA: Marketing Authorization Application

LVP: Large Volume Parenteral

LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System

IV: Intravenous

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

IR: Immediate Release

IND: Investigational New Drug

IPQC : Inprocess Quality Control

GAMP: Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

GDP: Good Distribution Practice

GLP: Good Laboratory Practice

FTE: Full Time Employee

FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

EC: European Commission

CRO: Contract Research Organization

CAPA: Corrective and Preventive Action

CBE: Changes Being Effected

AQL: Acceptable Quality Level

API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

BOM: Bill of Materials

CPP: Critical Process Parameter

CQA : Critical Quality Attributes

DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

EHS: Environment, Health, and Safety

GDUFA: Generic Drug User Fee Amendments

HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HAZOP: Hazard and Operability Study

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

IT: Information Technology

LOD: Limit of Detection

LOQ: Limit of Quantitation

MOA: Mechanism of Action

NDA: New Drug Application

NIR: Near Infrared Spectroscopy

OEL: Occupational Exposure Limit

OOS: Out of Specification

OOT: Out of Trend

PAT: Process Analytical Technology

PDE: Permitted Daily Exposure

PHA: Process Hazard Analysis

PIC/S: Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

QMS: Quality Management System

RFT: Right First Time

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

WFI: Water for Injection

WHO: World Health Organization

BE: Bioequivalence

CFC: Chlorofluorocarbon

CSV: Computer System Validation

D&C: Drugs and Cosmetics

DOE: Design of Experiments

DOP: Dioctyl Phthalate

F&D: Formulation and Development

BOPP Tape : Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Tape

FTIR: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

IBC: Intermediate Bulk Container

IPC : Intermediate Product Container

MRP: Material Requirements Planning

MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet

RA : Regulatory Affairs

OTC : Over the Counter

QbD : Quality by Design

CMO : Contract Manufacturing Organization

CDMO : Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

DCGI : Drugs Controller General of India

CEP : Certificate of European Pharmacopoeia

GDP : Good Documentation Practice

NMR : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

RPN : Risk Priority Number

ANDA : Abbreviated New Drug Application

RSD : Relative Standard Deviation

SMF : Stability Monitoring Form

SPC : Statistical Process Control

TQM : Total Quality Management

SPC : Statistical Process Control

TQM :Total Quality Management

PV : Process Validation

QP : Qualified Person

RO : Reverse Osmosis

VMP : Validation Master Plan

SMF : Site Master File

PMA : Premarket Approval

AMV : Analytical Method Validation

CDSCO : Central Drugs Standard Control Organization

SAHPRA : South African Health Products Regulatory Authority

MHRA : Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

TGA : The Therapeutic Goods Administration

USFDA : United States Food and Drug Administration

ANVISA : The National Health Surveillance Agency

PMDA :  Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

NPRA : The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency

SFDA : Saudi Food and Drug Authority

DGDA : Directorate General of Drug Administration

DRAP :  Drug regulatory authority of pakistan

Medsafe :  New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority

HAS : Health Sciences Authority

ANMAT : Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica.

FDAPh : The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines.

DAV : Drug Administration Of Vietnam

SMDC : State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control

HPFB : Health Canada’s HPFB (Health Products and Food Branch)

MOHAP/DHA : Dubai health authority  follows Ministry of Health and Prevention

TFDA : Taiwan Food and Drug Administration

EDA : The Egyptian Drug Authority

UNICEF : United Nations Children’s Fund

SAL : Sterility Assurance Level

RABS : Restricted Access Barrier System.

CCS : Contamination control strategy






















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