Why UV lights used in pass boxes.

This article contains the information about UV lights used in pass boxes which are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

UV lights /Ultraviolet light and its usages

What is mean by UV lights /Ultraviolet light and its usages in pass Box.

UV light or ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the human eyes. UV light is measured in nanometers. It is used for germicidal activity in different Pass boxes.

Different Bands for UV lights as below :

UVA/ Long wave UV (315-400 nm)

UVB/ Medium Wave UV (280-315 nm)

UVC/Short Wave UV (100-280 nm)

The passbox chamber is disinfected with the ultraviolet light, which can prevent some pathogens from spreading in the air or through surface of the material.

Ultra violet rays can destroy the dead cells, therefore during the disinfection process care should be taken not to expose directly on human skin.

Do not look directly to UV lights because it is dangerous to Human skin and eyes, however short wave ultra violet does not passes through glasses, by wearing glasses can avoid harm to eyes.

In general, It is advisable not to turn on the UV Lights for long time when using the pass box. Normally pass box manufacturer will turn on the germicidal ultraviolet light inching switch to protect the operator and reduce harm to humans.

Auto switch should be provided in the pass box when door will be in open condition the UV lamp should be OFF and when both doors are in closed condition then only UV light should be on.

For dynamic pass box generally UV lights used which is of 18 watts and for static Pass box UV light used which is of 8 watts.

Record shall be maintained for daily burning hours forĀ  UV light to track for its usages and after 1000 hours it should be replaced with New one.

Material exposure study should be carried out for how much time material should be exposed in pass box with UV light before transferring it to next area.

Record shall be maintained for each material for how much time has been hold in Pass box under the UV light exposure to get the better results.




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