13 Basic Tips for Tablet Coating Process

Tablet coating process
Tablet coating process

This article contains information about Quick Tips to get the good Tablet coating process results.

13 Basic Tips For Tablet Coating Process :

Tablet Coating process is  a art and require skills and practical experience to perform Tablet coating operations. During process if any Mishandling/Mishappening happened then entire lot quality will be in trouble and it may not be recovered during coating operations. So be  careful during coating operations.

Coating process should be performed as per validated parameters and approved master manufacturing records.  Here are some General tips/Guidance  Enlisted as per the practical experience to avoid any Quality Defects in Tablet Coating process.

  1. If suspension become Hydroalcoholic, it evaporates fast so keep the distance between bed and Spray Gun less.
  2. If the suspension is Aqueous then keep the distance between bed and spray gun is more as compared to Hydroalcoholic solution.
  3. If suspension is Hydroalcoholic keep the inlet Temperature 45-50 degree Celsius during Tablet coating process
  4. If suspension is Aqueous keep the Inlet Temperature 50-60 degree Celsius during  Tablet Coating Process.
  5. In both cases exhaust Temperature is depend on there Inlet Temperature.
  6. Atomization should be low during spraying of Hydroalcoholic and Alcoholic solution (2-3 kg/cm2) whereas for aqueous solution it should be (3-4 kg/cm2).
  7. If pressure Difference is more Bed Temperature will be on lower side whereas  If pressure Difference is low Bed Temperature will be on higher side.
  8. If Bed Temperature is less then there will be chances of sticking on the Tablet during coating.
  9. IPA is soluble in water whereas methylene chloride is not soluble in water.
  10. If atomization air pressure is more, due to fine spray shining surface will appear on Coated Tablets whereas if  atomization air pressure is less then dull surface will appear on Coated Tablets.
  11. HPMC is dissolved in IPA Faster than water.
  12. If you directly mix the whole HPMC at a time  in the methylene chloride then it will make hard lumps so it is recommended to add  it slowly while in continuous stirring.
  13. When spraying operation starts needle goes back by the pressure of compressed air and solution comes out through the nozzle where as  and when spray  stops Needle again comes again its original positions and it block the nozzle openings to avoid dripping through the nozzle. Plz ensure needle movement before start of the coating operations.









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