Aluminium Tube Specification

This article describes Aluminium Tube Specification. which is used fill the semisolid preparations like Ointment, Gel and Cream.

Aluminium Tube Specification

Product Information:

Supplier / Manufacturer : As per approved vendor list
Sampling Procedure: Sampling to be performed as per current version of SOP
Sample Quantity : 20 Nos.
Testing procedure: Testing to be performed as per STP
Item code As per SOP
Storage Condition: Controlled Room temperature
Sampling and Handling Precautions

 (If Any):

Use personal protective equipments while handling the material.

Aluminium Tube Specification :

Sr. No. Test Specification Reference
1. Description* Printed Aluminium tube with cap. IH
2. Text matter Should be comply as per approved art work. IH
3. Diameter of Tube 19.00  mm + 0.10 mm IH
4. Overall length of tube with cap 100.00  mm + 1 mm IH
5. Wall thickness of tube 0.12  mm + 0.01 mm IH
6. Nozzle diameter 9.70  mm + 0.10 mm IH
7. Colour scheme Should be comply as per approved specimen. IH
8. Weight of tube without cap 3.40  gm + 0.25 gm IH

Remark: * Test to be carried out for Retesting of Packing Material.


III. Revision History:

     Version No.

Reason for Revision

Change control No

   Effective Date



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