SOP for Cleaning and operation of Incubators 1

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) SOP for Cleaning and operation of Incubators

SOP for Cleaning and operation of Incubators.

I. Purpose & Scope:

  • The purpose of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for Cleaning and operation of Incubators
  • This Standard operating procedure shall be applicable for Cleaning and operation of Incubators

II. Responsibilities:

  • All Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP.

III : Introduction and Procedural Part :

Instrument B.O.D Incubator B.O.D Incubator B.O.D Incubator Bacteriological Incubator
Make Osworld Osworld Osworld Osworld
Temp. Range 20-25ºC 20-25ºC 30-35ºC 40-45ºC

General Cleaning:

  • Clean the incubators with a clean dry cloth every day.
  • Occasionally clean with wet cloth dipped in dilute soap solution. Precaution has to be taken to clean the incubators immediately with dry cloth to remove the moisture.

Operation of Incubators :

  • Check the cleanliness of the all incubators and the area.
  • Check the calibration status of the all incubators.
  • Switch “ON” the power supply of incubator.
  • ‘Actual temperature inside’ and current ‘Set temperature’ will be displayed on the digital temperature indicator.
  • Switch “ON” the “Mains” and “Cool” buttons on the control panel of B.O.D. Incubator.
  • Switch “ON” the “Power” and “Heat” buttons on control panel of Bacteriological Incubator.
  • Set the required temperature for Incubators as follows :
  • Press “   ” or “ < ” button of temperature controller to adjust the temperature, Now the set value will started to blink, Then adjust the required temperature by using, increasing “   ”  or decreasing “    ” arrow keys of temperature controller. Once adjusted the required temperature, press the “     ” (Enter) or “SET” button to set the adjusted temperature.
  • Now the digital display will show Set value and Present value of the incubator.
  • Use the incubator after its temperature reaches to the ± 5 °C of the set temperature.
  • Open the door, and keep samples or materials for incubation. After that close the door.
  • Record the details of Incubation, Calibration and Maintenance/Repair activity details in Annexure II.
  • Temperature of incubators should be within ±2.5ºC of the set temperature. (Example: For incubator, if ‘Set temperature’ is 22.5 ºC, the Minimum temperature limit and Maximum temperature limit shall be 20 ºC and 25 ºC respectively.)
  • Place the Digital temperature recorder probe at hot/cold point of respective incubator by referring the mapping of Incubator.
  • Record the observed as well as Minimum & Maximum temperature on the Digital temperature recorder twice in a day (at the start and end of shift). Record the temperature
  • For operation procedure of digital temperature recorder.
  • During opening, using and cleaning of the incubator, care shall be taken that incubator should not be opened for long time, to avoid temperature excursion.
  • If any discrepancy is observed, inform to Quality Control Head and then to Engineering department. Meanwhile affix the label on the instrument stated that “Do not Use – Under Maintenance”. During this period, transfer the material to “Stand by” Incubator of same temperature range.

Sanitization :

  • Sanitize all the incubators once in week by using 70% IPA.
  • For Sanitization of incubator, at first withdraw all material from incubator and keep on SS table/tray.
  • After withdrawal of material, take out compartment trays from incubator.
  • At first clean the all compartment trays as well as inner surface of incubators by using lint free cloth then sanitize them with 70% IPA.
  • After Sanitization, fix the compartment tray in incubator and keep all material into incubator.
  • In case of spillage, incubators shall be cleaned immediately with 70% IPA or routine disinfectants like 2.5% Dettol or 2.5% Savlon.
  • Record the sanitization details in Annexure-II.

General Instructions :

  • Do not open the doors frequently.
  • To avoid moisture/vapors condensation, always keep the top vent slightly open.
  • In case of BOD Incubator,
  • If temperature of incubator falls below ambient (Set) temperature, then heating will starts working.
  • If temperature of incubator rises above ambient (Set) temperature then cooling will starts working.

Frequency :

  • Temperature Monitoring of Incubators: Twice in a day.
  • Sanitization of incubators: Once in week & whenever required.
  • Calibration by External agencies: Once in a year.

IV: Annexures :

Annexure Title of Annexure
Annexure-I Sanitization Record for Incubators.
Annexure-II Incubator Usage Record.

Annexure I

Sanitization Record for Incubators.

Month and Year : ____________


Date  of Sanitization


Disinfectant used Instrument ID. Done By


Checked  By Remark


 Annexure II

Incubator Usage Record.

Incubator ID.: ___________________                      Set Temperature: ___________                                               


Date Description of Activity/ Material/ Samples/ Test Details Batch No. / A.R. No. / Lot No. Incubation / Activity Remark
Started on


Done by


Completed  on (Date) Done by



Checked by:__________________

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