Sop for Cleaning and Operation of Refrigerator

This Document describes (Standard Operating procedure) Sop for Cleaning and Operation of Refrigerator.

Sop for Cleaning and Operation of Refrigerator

I. Purpose & Scope:

  • The purpose of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for Cleaning and Operation of Refrigerator.     
  • This Standard operating procedure shall be applicable for Cleaning and Operation of Refrigerator in the Microbiology section of Quality Control Department

II. Responsibilities:

  • All Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel shall be responsible to follow and implement this SOP i.e. Operation of Refrigerator.

III : Introduction and Procedural Part :

Cleaning and sanitization : 

  • Remove the shelves; clean the chambers and shelves with 0.5% soap solution. Allow to dry the compartments.
  • Frequency of cleaning: As and when required.
  • Sanitize the refrigerator once in a month or whenever required, by wiping the inner surfaces of the chambers and shelves with 70% IPA.

Operation of Refrigerator :

  • Put “ON” the mains.
  • Set the temperature by rotating the “SET” knob. Adjust the knob as per chilling requirements.
  • Place the ‘Digital temperature recorder’ probe at hot/cold point of refrigerator by referring the temperature mapping report of refrigerator.
  • Record the observed temperature as well as minimum & maximum temperature on the ‘Digital temperature recorder’ twice in day (at start and end of the shift). Record the temperature in Annexure-I
  • For operation procedure of digital temperature recorder, refer SOP
  • Acceptance limit for temperature of refrigerator is: Minimum 2°C and Maximum 8°C.
  • Acceptance limit for temperature of freezer is: Minimum -25°C and Maximum -15°C.
  • If any discrepancy observed, inform to Quality Control Head and then to Engineering department. Meanwhile affix the label on the instrument stated that “Not to be Used- Under Maintenance”. During this period, transfer the material to another refrigerator or “Stand by” Incubator of same temperature range.
  • Load the items in the refrigerator without overloading and maintaining inter space between the items and the walls of the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator should not be switched off except when under repairs.
  • During the time of repair all the materials inside the refrigerator shall be transferred to another refrigerator and condition required for above materials shall be maintained.
  • Keep all the cultures, slants, bacterial endotoxin kits, enzymes and any other material required to store at 2°C to 8°C in refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator and freezer compartment temperature can be controlled by refrigerator temperature control knob and freezer control knob respectively.


  • Do not place the heavy object or dangerous object on the refrigerator.
  • Do not use the combustible spray near the refrigerator.
  • Do not store bottle in the freezer compartment, they may break when frozen.
  • Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door allows warm air to enter into the refrigerator and cause temperature rise. Close the doors properly.


  • Temperature mapping shall be done by External agency.
  • Frequency: Once in Year.

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