Specification for Flip off aluminium plastic seal

This article describes the Packing material specification i.e. Flip Off Aluminium plastic seal (20mm), which is used to seal the Glass bottles.

Specification for Flip off aluminium plastic seal

I. Product Information for Flip off aluminium Plastic seal:

Art Work Number : NA
Supplier / Manufacturer : As per approved vendor list
Sampling Procedure: Sampling to be performed as per current version of SOP
Sample Quantity : 10 Nos.
Testing procedure: Testing to be performed as per STP
Item code As per SOP
Storage Condition: Controlled Room Temperature.
Sampling and Handling Precautions

 (If Any):

Use personal protective equipments while handling the material.


II. Specification for Flip off aluminium plastic seal :

Sr. No. Test Specification Reference
1. Description * Dark Green  to green colour Aluminium Plastic Seal IH
2. Plastic Seal Parameter
Top Diameter (mm) 22.00 mm to 22.60 mm IH
Height (mm) 3.30 mm to 3.90 mm IH


Aluminium Seal Parameter
Inner Diameter 20.00 mm to 20.40 mm IH
 Outer Diameter 20.30 mm to 20.90 mm IH
4. Assembled Seal Parameter
Total Height 9.00 mm  to 9.50 mm IH

Remark: * Test to be carried out for Retesting of Packing Material.

III. Revision History :

Version No.

Reason for Revision

Change Control No.

Effective Date

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